Video Conferencing

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Google Duo is a video chat app allowing communications between Apple and Android devices. Call, video conference and even send video messages. The app can also be installed on desktops and tablets. As of March 27th, 2020, can have up to 12 participants. Try it, it works great! Face to face is always better than texting and phone.

WhatsApp for free (data charges may be applicable) messaging, calls and video calls. A nice feature is group calls with up to 256 participants for Android and iOS. Judy and Ely set up a group call for the three of us 3/24/20. A little tricky to set up on you desktop though.


Zoom is all over the Internet and rightfully so. I have been using it for several years for my clients so I can see their desktop and I instruct them on programs and applications. Another great feature is the ability to record a session onto your hard drive. Advanced features are available on the pro models.

Zoom Facebook channel with how to videos.

From C|Net – Use Zoom like a pro: 20 tips and tricks to make your video calls run smoother

Make sure you have an updated version of Zoom. Updating Zoom

Google Meet

I recently (February 2021) revisited Google Meet on a call to Nigeria (not a prince nor an inheritance) and was delighted with their live closed captions feature. No recording function as of that visit though.


What’s New in Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web? – Improvements made and some bugs removed starting 3/16/2020 per their web site.


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