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Help With Technology

Why Are We Doing This?

Judy and I firmly believe the internet holds an unlimited collection of knowledge and entertainment for senior adults 60+ to discover and enjoy. If it helps, think of the internet as the world’s most amazing electronic library. We’re free reference librarians, there to help adults 60+ to safely and confidently explore all that world-class library has to offer.

We invite you to join us in helping senior adults learn, grow and enjoy without ever having to leave the comforts of home. It will never replace face-2-face social connections, but it can supplement them.

Technology Help Senior Adults 60+
Technology Help Senior Adults 60+

What We’re Doing

We offer online Zoom classes to help senior adults 60+ with their technology (computer, internet and smartphone) and app (software) questions. Because of our backgrounds, these are mainly Windows and Android based. However, most of the subject matter works equally as well in the MAC and iOS worlds.

The class format is simple, we’ve tested it out. We start with tips in certain subject areas and then open the remainder of the class for individual questions.

Sample Clip From “Browser Wars – Chrome vs. Firefox” – 9/9/21

From ‘All Things Zoom’ – GetSetUp 11/1/21

Current Class Topics Include

  • All Things Zoom – checking for current version for security reasons, updating, sharing screen, using chats, saving chats, etc.
  • Basic Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge or combination) Features – bars, tabs, extensions, apps, bookmarks, folders, etc.
  • Staying Safe on the Internet – recognizing scams, phishing, phony emails, passwords, etc.
  • Free ‘Stuff’ on The Internet – software, programs and apps, sources of entertainment and learning, etc.
  • Verifying Information on the Internet –
  • Enhanced Search – narrowing your search results, incognito (or masked) search engines and extensions,
  • Storing or backing up your photos and valuable information – scanning, storage (cloud, external storage drives, thumb drives, etc.)
  • Sharing your ‘stuff’ with others – share photos, recipes, family history, etc.
  • Socializing on the Internet – platforms serving the senior adult market
  • Educational Resources – local library offerings, agencies, YouTube, etc.

Yes, We Offer Follows Ups!

We understand. After all, we’re senior adults teaching senior adults.

We know, we learn at a different pace. Challenges must be overcome and fears allayed. Relevancy and comparison to previous experiences is needed. Jargon must be broken down, questions answered and reinforcements made. Practice and repetition is important, with possible revisits to reinforce. They may need to make written notes to review.

We do free Two(Us)-on-One individual Zoom meetings to address individual challenges and questions not covered in class. Our online appointment calendar is found at https://sagesofbg—

Not on Zoom yet? We can help you get on. Call us at 708.762.3259.

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Interest Group on

We’re facilitating a FREE one-hour Interest Group entitled ‘Ask Us Your Tech Questions’ on These interactive sessions start out with some tips in general categories followed by your Q&A’s. Our upcoming sessions are listed below along with a link to register.

Ask Us Your Questions | Interest Group at
Ask Us Your Questions | Interest Group at

11/15/21: Useful Firefox Browser Features – bars, tabs, extensions, apps, bookmarks, folders, etc.

11/29/21: Free ‘Stuff’ on The Internet – software, programs and apps, entertainment resources, etc.

12/13/21: Useful Chrome Browser Features – bars, tabs, extensions, apps, bookmarks, folders, etc.

For more information and to register, click here.

PDFs of Past Slide Presentations

We developed and share these slide presentations in pdf files for you to download. Information contained in the files may have changed since the date they were printed.

From May 20, 2021:

From Aug. 12, 2021:

From Sept. 9, 2021:

Updated October 15, 2021 (originally presented May 20, 2021):

Following Zoom Meeting 10/28/21

Information From Other Presentations

Mostly Free Software Online – From Eventbrite program Mar. 8, 2021. (Click to open our website page listing them.)


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