Judy Yublosky
Judy Yublosky

Hi, I am Judy Yublosky, one half of the SAGES of Buffalo Grove creation team.

Now that I am getting older it does not mean life is getting slower, it just means it is getting better. I look forward to spending time with family and time out with my friends. I enjoy good company, fun outings and lots of laughs. After all what is life without a lot of good laughs?

I have been for over 25 years, and still am, in the party planning business. At A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. I have done many parties in the North Shore and Northwest suburban area over the years. But my greatest accomplishment is having the distinct honor of being Ely’s mom and Michael’s wife.

I look forward to meeting new people and experiencing new and exciting things to do, places to go and making new friends. I am excited to see where SAGES will go and what direction it will take. I hope you will join me in this new venture.


Michael Yublosky
Michael Yublosky

I am Michael Yublosky, the other half of the team that created SAGES. I am an introvert at my very core and basically in awe of Judy’s amazing socializing skills. It seems we run into someone who knows Judy wherever we go. Whereas I am known around town as “Judy’s husband”. And I take great pride in that for I am blessed to have her and Ely, and thankful that Judy decided to partner with me in this venture.

I retired from the corporate rat race in 2010 where I was in direct sales and marketing in both the B2B and B2C arenas for almost 30 years. Currently in addition to doing some consulting in Internet Marketing, Website development and LinkedIn social media, I (suspended with COVID – volunteer for several non-for-profits, play cards regularly at the senior center and) most importantly spend time with family and friends.

New, relevant and interesting topics are somethings I love to explore. Meditation, mindfulness and of course retirement are high on my list recently.

I started this group to discuss the challenges and joys of retirement as well as to share from our personal experiences. Relationships, both existing and new, are a main key to a successful retirement. I hope to develop additional relationships with your help and participation and invite you to join us.

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Mikey: I never gave much thought to this until we were in a discussion with officials at the Village of Buffalo Grove on Feb. 10th, 2021. We had a new purpose with the arrival of COVID-19.

SAGESofBG – Mission Statement

We help fellow seniors get through the pandemic together while feeling good (or at least better) about themselves.

We offer various online means of socializing, informing, educating and keeping in contact with seniors to alleviate loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression.

We advocate on behalf of all seniors, and particularly those less fortunate seniors, by raising our hands and voices as needed.

We will continue to explore and share other avenues seniors can use to overcome the boredom of sheltering in place by asking them what they feel is important to them.

As time marches on, and the weather improves and eventually facilities re-open, we will find ways to safely gather together to socialize face-to-face.

We do this free of charge to seniors.

(I was asked about a) Five Year Plan

I do not have a five-year plan, I only have a five-minute plan since we can, like small businesses, pivot on a dime. As cousin Barbara remarked – seniors our age do not think five years in advance.

I only have today and what good I can provide to fellow seniors. Although I have a very long daily to-do list. My wish list includes convincing our governmental agencies they need to offer more services and information to seniors in this area. And hopefully, one day in the near future I can watch a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a dedicated senior center in BG.