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Yesterday’s Zoom Meeting

Melissa Bressler, of HandyPro located in the Washington and Maryland area, joined 17 SAGES. She offered some strategies and guidelines for improving accessibility and remaining safe in our homes as we age. Most seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible but most homes are not accessible and senior-friendly. Falls are a big issue and frequently happen at home, most often in the bathroom.

Bressler talked about, and answered many questions as she went on:

  • home modifications and how they will improve safety
  • identifying fall risk factors and determining which of those risk factors we have some control over
  • who we can speak to about home safety and fall prevention
  • some funding options for major home modifications 
  • the general process to follow when and if you call a home modification consultant

From Melissa (1/15/22):

Thanks again for the opportunity to speak and educate others on the importance of trying to prioritize health and safety from a home modification perspective. Here are the links to home modification providers and funding for home modifications to your state of Illinois or local counties: 

From Our Readers

Fred B. (1/11/22) – suggests that we “Click on this link to understand how to retrain a lost sense of taste/smell due to respiratory viral infection such as covid-19.”

Doctor Offers Tips for Regaining Sense of Smell After COVID-19 Infection

“Usually, COVID-19 patients who have smell loss, about 85% will get back to normal in about one month,” said Dr. Peter Papagiannopoulos, a specialist who treats nose and sinus problems at Rush University Medical Center. “That leaves 15% of patients that will be struggling potentially for three months. Then, there are patients who will [never recover].”

WTTW (1/10/22)

Shelly B. (1/12/22) wanted to share an article from The Week with us. It was a death notice about Justus Rosenberg entitled “The professor who helped artists escape the Nazis”. The magazine is available online through local library membership so I can not link to the article. But I did find additional stories about Rosenberg.

He Helped Rescue Thousands from the Nazis, Then Kept His Story Quiet for Decades

Between the years of 1939 and 1947, with Forrest Gump-ian omnipresence, Rosenberg was a courier and guide for Varian Fry’s Emergency Rescue Committee in Marseilles, a spy and a guerilla soldier for the French underground, a scout for the U.S. Army, and a relief worker at United Nations camps for Displaced Persons in Germany. As a result, he was awarded the U.S. Bronze Medal and Purple Heart and made a commander in the French Legion of Honor.

USC Shoah Foundation (1/10/22)

AARP Movies For Grownups – Triple Header

Check out screenings for ‘Being the Ricardos,’ (Thurs., Jan. 27th at 7:00 PM, Central) ‘The Theory of Everything'(Fri., Jan. 28th at 7:00 PM, Central) and ‘King Richard’ (Sat., Jan. 29th at 4:00 PM, Central). Click here.

Dah, Really?

A Turkish Farmer Tests Out VR Goggles on Cows To Get More Milk

Now, a farmer in Turkey is testing the same theory on his own cows. Izzet Kocak, a cattle breeder and rancher living in Aksaray, Turkey, has begun putting VR headsets on some of his cows to see if the animals would indeed produce more milk when they believe they’re in a nice sunny setting outside rather than in a milking parlor. 

Interesting Engineering (1/11/22)

Good News

Battery Breakthrough Quintuples Electric Vehicle Range

Until now, this type of battery’s cycle life – the number of times it can be charged and discharged – has been insufficient for commercial use in electric vehicles, despite their capacity benefits.

Independent (1/15/22)

These Seaweed-Inspired Generators Create Underwater Wave Power

A prototype renewable energy device modeled after seaweed generates kinetic energy while it gently lolls about under the waves.

While only a proven concept, at a large enough scale the small filaments could provide energy to power major electrical appliances in coastal habitations such as floating buoys, coastal power stations, submerged devices, water monitoring equipment, or even a lighthouse.

The Good News Network (1/14/22)

This Dutch construction innovation shows it’s possible to quickly retrofit every building

In one Dutch factory, a company that’s part of the program called RC Panels makes lightweight insulated panels that can be popped on the front of existing row houses. The company uses a laser scanning tool to take measurements at the old house; then, at the factory, a machine cuts out windows and doors to match the old facade exactly. When a truck delivers the panels, they’re attached directly to the old wall. The company also makes insulated panels, with solar panels attached, that can be put over an existing roof. Other Energiesprong vendors supply heat pumps for heating, cooling, and hot water. The retrofits are faster than traditional retrofits, in some cases happening in as little as a day, leading to more energy savings.

Fast Company (1/14/22)

Funny Video

Today’s Song

Ode to Judy:


Michael Yublosky: We are trying to bring activities and some diversion to you as well as to share information with you and can not vouch for the authenticity. Caveat emptor is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”..

Any views expressed herein are solely mine and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity with which I have been, am now, (including married to) or will be affiliated within the future.


SAGESofBG is a group of seniors 50+ which started in 2017. We met twice monthly to discuss issues and share information and knowledge about retirement, listen to interesting speakers, plan social and volunteer events, etc. Meetings were suspended after March 12th. As of March 15th, our web site is publishing information and updates about the coronavirus as well as highlighting local happenings, offering motivational quotes as well as music and humor to make us all laugh.

If you are not on our SAGESofBG email list and want to be notified of updates, please use the contact form below and please tell us how you found us. You may also use the form below for a link for our next Zoom meeting to be held on Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM. First-timers must open their videos and microphones and introduce themselves.

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