Some Of The Latest Updates On Omicron | New Variant Found In France

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France detects new COVID-19 variant ‘IHU’, more infectious than Omicron: All we know about it

The new variant — B.1.640.2 — which has been detected in 12 patients near Marseille, contains 46 mutations, making it more resistant to vaccines and infectious.

Even as the world battles the uptick in COVID-19 cases owing to the Omicron variant, scientists in France have found another variant.

Firstpost (1/4/22)

Omicron: This is how easy it is to become infected with the virus

Just how contagious is the Omicron variant of the coronavirus? Well, according to experts, all it takes is just a whiff of someone’s infected breath to become afflicted.

All it takes is just a whiff

Gentside {UK} (1/4/22)

CDC: Omicron now 95 percent of new US COVID-19 cases

The omicron variant accounted for 95.4 percent of U.S. COVID-19 cases diagnosed during the week ending on Jan. 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

The new data shows how quickly the highly transmissible variant has taken over, displacing the previously dominant delta variant. Just two weeks earlier, in the week ending Dec. 18, omicron accounted for only 38 percent of U.S. cases, the CDC said. 

The Hill (1/4/22)

The shape of the omicron wave is becoming clearer

There is still a lot of uncertainty with the omicron variant: We’re still learning exactly how transmissible it is, how likely it is to cause severe disease and for whom. But we know more now than we did when it first began spreading in the US.

All the early indications were that omicron was even more transmissible than its predecessors, at least in part because of its ability to partially evade preexisting immunity, and that has proven to be true. While earlier CDC estimates that the variant took over in the US in mid-December turned out to be overstated, omicron now appears to have surpassed the previously dominant delta variant in its share of new US cases.

Vox (1/4/22)

How Dementia Impacts Families

Online 1/6/22 11:00 AM Central | Register here.

Interesting Reads

NASA Paid Priests To Figure Out How To Deal With Aliens

Whether it’s angels coming down from heaven or ET coming in peace, NASA wants to know how exactly world religions would react if it finds evidence of alien life. That’s why the agency funded a program to find out just that. 

NASA brought together 24 theologians at the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton for a year-long program called “The Societal Implications of Astrobiology” in 2016, The Times reports. The group was tasked with addressing how exactly religions would respond to the discovery of alien life. 

Futurism (12/27/21)

Funny Video

Today’s Song


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