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From Our Readers

Michael G. (11/14/21) – …I again thank you for all you do. I have enjoyed and appreciated the zoom calls and your blog. Both were very helpful over the past year or so. I will continue to read the blog.


Insider (11/16/21) – A scientist tracking the coronavirus predicts it will keep mutating to avoid the immune response — but at a slower rate than before

Trevor Bedford, associate professor in bioinformatics in the vaccines and infectious diseases division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, said on Twitter Monday that he highly doubted the virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV2, had “hit a wall in terms of its evolutionary potential.”

Bedford said that he expected new mutations to help the virus escape the body’s immune response, but that these mutations would occur at a slower rate than in 2020.

Stat (11/15/21) – 8 lingering questions about the new Covid pills from Merck and Pfizer

Though the topline results are similar, the medicines could have different risks and benefits. The companies have only issued data in press releases, not scientific articles, and doctors need to know a lot more about both. Here is an overview of what we still don’t know about the Covid pills and when we might learn it.

Good News

Interesting Engineering (11/15/21) – This remarkable cooling system runs on sunlight and saltwater—no electricity required

This new technology, being developed at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, is in its early stages…When certain salts are dissolved in water, they absorb heat, which cools down the water. When built into a large-scale system, the technology could provide a cooling effect without the need for electricity. “In underdeveloped regions, this can help them store food for a couple more days,” says Dr. Peng Wang, an environmental science and engineering professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology who is leading the research.

In Case You Missed It

CNN Health (11/13/21) – US Announce big hike in Medicare premiums

The federal government announced a large hike in Medicare premiums Friday night, blaming the pandemic but also what it called uncertainty over how much it may have to be forced to pay for a pricey and controversial new Alzheimer’s drug.

The 14.5% increase in Part B premiums will take monthly payments for those in the lowest income bracket from $148.50 a month this year to $170.10 in 2022.

Interesting Reads

Eat This, Not That! (11/13/21) – 10 New Shortages Shoppers Nationwide Are Sharing This Weekend

Next weekend, you might find yourself prepping for Thanksgiving—but in the meantime, you and your loved ones have got to eat. If you’re crafting a shopping list for between now and Thanksgiving, we’ve got word of the groceries that customers around the country have seen dwindling this week… and in some cases, the shortage trends are a little different than we’ve seen in recent weeks.

Interesting Engineering (11/15/21) – Can Floating Cities Save Us From Rising Sea Levels?

…how feasible is it? For some, it’s what happens when architects don’t communicate with civil engineers. For others, though, it’s the future and these cities will rehome thousands of climate refugees. In this video by the YouTube channel Undecided with Matt Ferrell, you can learn more about these cities, and the technology required to build them. 

Digital Commerce 360 (11/15/21) – As the holidays approach, supply chain challenges continue for online retailers

Inventory shortages caused by a broken global supply chain will plague the 2021 holiday season. As the crisis drags on, retailers, government officials and other experts agree the global trade system tangles will continue well into 2022—and possibly longer. This means large, national retailers with the best logistical infrastructures—and the most clout with suppliers—could be poised to end the holiday season as big winners.

Insider (11/13/21) – ‘Boomers’ explain why they don’t like Facebook, despite its reputation as an older social network

Some people said they didn’t use Facebook because of misinformation and privacy concerns

Funny Video

Thanks to Dave H. who reminded us how funny this was – Notice: Includes some foul language for those easily offended.

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