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Good News

The Verge (11/5/21) – The US has big, new plans to pull CO2 out of the air

Today, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced a bold new plan to make those technologies, called carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies, cost-effective and scalable with the launch of a new “Carbon Negative Shot” initiative. Through this initiative, the agency seeks to bring the cost of CDR down dramatically this decade — to less than $100 a ton — so that it can be deployed at a big enough scale to remove “gigatons,” or billions of tons, of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

ABC 7 News (11/5/21) – Energy solution: Company says its modular homes are 90% more energy efficient than traditional homes

Built at a factory in Loma Linda, then assembled in Malibu, the Dvele home is also described as a “smart home.” Solar powered batteries are built into a closet, allowing for the (Erin) Mills’ family to be independent of the power grid if necessary.

An air filtration system monitors carbon dioxide levels, making the home healthier for the residents.

Study Finds (11/4/21) – Plastic bag power? Scientists successfully turn plastic waste into a sustainable fuel

…scientists say there’s a way to turn plastic bags into a more sustainable source of fuel.

Researchers from California State Polytechnic University have created a process that chemically breaks down plastic waste into a diesel-like substance.

Independent (11/3/21) – Engineers say they have found a new way to create fuel ‘out of thin air’

Scientists say they have created a new system that can create fuel out of sunlight and air.

The new system is notable because it can work under field conditions, rather than in the specialised and specific conditions of a laboratory.

Eventually, it could be used to create carbon-neutral fuels for things like aviation and shipping…

Not Such Good News

BestLife (11/8/21) – This Is the “Bad News” About COVID Right Now, Virus Expert Warns

The coronavirus has been circulating in the U.S. for close to two years now. During this unprecedented time, the country has experienced several waves of high surges and declines. COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths reached new heights over the summer due to the fast-spreading Delta variant and a slowing rate of vaccinations. But over the past few months, things have quickly moved in the right direction. In early October, daily cases dropped below 100,000 for the first time since early August, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. While these numbers have continued to fall, however, virus experts are now warning us not to let our guard down, because there is still bad news about the COVID pandemic.

Independent (11/7/21) – Vaccinated patients are dying of Covid due to waning immunity, says Dr Susan Hopkins

Double-jabbed vulnerable and elderly people are dying from Covid-19 due to the efficacy of the vaccine waning, a senior adviser has said.

The effects of coronavirus vaccines are known to wane some five or six months after the second dose, as discovered in multiple studies during the pandemic.

Express {UK} (11/7/21) – New Amazon scam is so convincing it’s hard not to be fooled – delete this email NOW

Amazon shoppers need to be wary of a fresh batch of emails claiming to be from the online retailer. A new scam has just been spotted by security experts at Avanan and it’s so convincing it’s simple to see just how easy it is to be fooled. The sinister trick begins with an official-looking email from Amazon which claims that an order has been received and a payment confirmed from the account holder.

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