Check Out Activities For This Weekend | Spend Some Time With Our Community On Thanksgiving

Request a link to our special Thanksgiving meeting next Thursday at 10 AM – Jeff’s Will Read His Story, David & Jeff Do Some Karaoke, Thoughts and Prayers from Everyone, General Discussion ->

Yesterday’s Zoom Meeting

Twenty-four SAGES were online at yesterday’s Zoom meeting. It was announced that Susan Kochanda has left Belmont. Today was Terri’s last visit as the Recreation Supervisor for the Buffalo Grove Park District; she retires at the end of the month. (Both of them remain members of SAGES.)

Jeff discussed a short story he has written and asked for feedback. He will be sharing it with us on Thanksgiving. Judy is teaching Terri how to play Canasta – anyone else interested should contact Judy. The “Queen’s Gambit” (Netflix) and chess, checkers and playing cards was discussed. Scott shared information about a silicon mask inner support bracket that makes it easier to talk while wearing your mask.

We discussed –

  • Illinois’ Tier Three Mitigation List is effective today.
  • A new WTTW Special ‘Chicago from the Air’ Premiered Thursday and repeats three times on Sunday. Click to learn more.
  • Emergency Use Authorization for an at home Covid test. Need an Rx and it costs $50.
  • AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Phase Two Results.
  • Air Purifying Devices installed in the Buffalo Grove Park District facilities (not the dome). Allison gave us some information.
  • An article on site about a ventilation expert efforts help prevent 50 people from coming down with Covid although they were exposed. 
  • Corning’s new copper-based paint that kills the virus.
  • Raising of Sears in Hawthorn Mall to be replaced by a main street, apartments, restaurants and shops.
  • Farmers almanac – warming trend northern states but wet for the winter.

We also took three polls –

  1. Based on what we know today – most of us would take a vaccine.
  2. Few of us would fly on a Boeing MAX 737.
  3. We want to do a general discussion and shares on Thanksgiving (in addition to hearing Jeff’s short story and listening to Karaoke!).

Facebook Biometric Claim Deadline – Monday

Monday, Nov. 23rd. Click here to submit your claim (it’s easy to do).

$25 Antibody Testing Results in 15 Minutes

Patch (11/19/20) – “Mariano’s Offers COVID-19 Antibody Testing In Buffalo Grove“.

Kroger pharmacies in Mariano’s stores will now offer COVID-19 antibody testing. The tests can provide critical information about past infection to patients who believe they may have been exposed to the virus but were unable to get tested at the time of their potential infection.

To schedule an appointment at Mariano’s – click here.

Spending Thanksgiving Alone?

Or share with someone who is… Forward Chicago (11/16/20) – “Table for one Thanksgiving? Here are Some Tips for a Festive Solo Holiday“.

Make Room @ The Table also has created a cornucopia of ideas to help people reach out and provide holiday cheer to someone who’s celebrating alone.


Harvard Health Publishing (11/2020) – “Why you should move — even just a little — throughout the day“.

… If you’re like most people, more than half of your waking hours are spent parked on a chair or sofa. Even if you dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to structured exercise (such as brisk walking, cycling, or swimming), it’s still important to get up and move for at least a few minutes, many times throughout the day.


Popular online events at Eventbrite – some are free, fees for others. Click here.

Stevenson High School’s fall musical “Newsies”. Streaming pandemic production. Fri., Nov. 20th and Sat., Nov. 21st at 7:00 PM and Sun., Nov. 22 at 2:00 PM. Free. Click here for tickets.



Northwest Suburban Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration – Sun., Nov. 22 at 7:15 PM. Click on image for Facebook and YouTube links to Sunday’s service.

NW Suburban Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration

Interesting Reads

Mirror {UK} (11/20/20) – “Children have low Covid-19 rates because they are protected by the MMR jab, study claims“.

Children might have a low rate of Covid infection because they are protected by the MMR jab, scientists say.

The controversial measles, mumps and rubella jab could protect against the virus according to new research.

The findings suggest the MMR vaccine could prevent people from catching Covid, help stop the spread of the virus and lower its severity.

It may explain why there are far less Covid cases among children and a lower death rate compared with adults.

Funny Video

Today’s Song


Michael Yublosky: We are trying to bring activities and some diversion to you as well as to share information with you and can not vouch for the authenticity. Caveat emptor is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”..

Any views expressed herein are solely mine and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity with which I have been, am now, (including married to) or will be affiliated within the future.


SAGESofBG is a group of seniors 50+ which started in 2017. We met twice monthly to discuss issues and share information and knowledge about retirement, listen to interesting speakers, plan social and volunteer events, etc. Meetings were suspended after March 12th. As of March 15th, our web site is publishing information and updates about the coronavirus as well as highlighting local happenings, offering motivational quotes as well as music and humor to make us all laugh.

If you are not on our SAGESofBG email list and want to be notified of updates, please use the contact form below and please tell us how you found us. You may also use the form below for a link for our next Zoom meeting to be held on Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM.

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